A non-catalyzed, polyurethane, water-based clear 4030 mix additive.

SPEEDBALL SUPER BLACK INDIA INK - 2OZ. Createx Airbrush colors are made with exterior grade (automotive) pigments for superior resistance to direct/outdoor light. Createx Illustration Flexible Adhesion Promoter.
Createx Airbrush Colors are the most widely used airbrush paints in the world. Createx Airbrush Paint Wicked Colors Createx. Mix well. Createx Illustration Transparent Base 5090. Made with light-fast pigments and durable resins, Createx Airbrush Colors can be used on metal, wood, and plastic lure parts and accessories.

4008 Restorer Removes dried paint from airbrush & spray-gun. 4012 High Performance Reducer Standard thinner for lower viscosity for airbrush … Badger Air-Opaque Airbrush Color Sets. Createx UVLS Clears are multifunctional water-based, acrylic – aliphatic polyurethane clears with 3 functions: 1) architectural-grade clear for use as top-coat over any Createx paint for indoor & outdoor paintjobs, 2) adhesive primer direct to metal, plastic, wood and more, and 3) carrier for candy₂O. 4030 Intercoat – Mix Additive – Balancing Clear Essential additive that enhances spray performance & coating durability. Airbrushing is a process that uses compressed air to spray paint or makeup onto a surface and create smooth lines. How to Airbrush. Mehron Face & Body Painting Paint. Mix with all Auto-Air Colors prior to use.

An airbrush user has the option to use a fluid paint and add an appropriate additive until it atomizes correctly or to use a premixed ready-to-spray airbrush color. Mix 10% per volume (9:1) or greater directly with paint. The Createx 16-color paint kit may be a good choice for users who love working with tons of color choices. For best performance, allow mix (including reducer if any) to … In this case, we suggest you purchase an extra set of airbrush gun and cleaner because it will be difficult and time consuming every time you empty and clean the gun for every color change. $4.65 ) (No reviews yet) Write a ... For best results on hard surface applications (which includes most lures and lure parts), mix Wicked Colors with 4030 Mix Additive in a 90%/10% to 75%/25% paint to additive ratio. TEMPTU PRO DURA Alcohol-Based Inks. When you want to start airbrushing, all you need is the stylus, an air compressor, and either paint or makeup made for airbrushes.

Paasche FX and Body Art Paint. 4030 series has 2 functions: as an intercoat and as an additive mixed with any Createx Colors for improved spray performance and coating durability.

For use with automotive and hard-surface applications. ProAiir INK - Alcohol-Based Airbrush Colors. Mix Additive: Recommend for use with Auto Air Colors, candy 2o, Wicked Colors and Createx Illustration Colors hard-surface & automotive applications.

TEMPTU PRO SB Airbrush Makeup.