Click Here for the How to Teach a Virtual Paint Party! February 17, 2020. by kinsleyskloset . The pineapple is much more than the home of a fictional sponge in Nickelodeon's long running cartoon sitcom, Spongebob Squarepants.

if i’m painting metal, non-typical materials, or something with lots of texture i always go for the spray variety! Pineapple Painting Party! Door Hanger Templates. Step 1. Kids simply adore the rich and sweet taste of pineapples or any pineapple flavored dish, for that matter. EASY Shrimp Fried Rice | How to Make Chinese Fried Rice | Chinese Take Out Style Fried Rice - Duration: 10:37. Paint a Pineapple!

To draw a pineapple, we need nothing at all – paper, pencil, pen or paint, a little time and patience. How To Paint A Pineapple. Learn to teach art online! Start from the top and then pull the paint down into the purple. The activity is easy and teaches them how to draw with basic shapes. Brush the paint onto the bottom of the pineapple and up the left-hand side, following the line of the pineapple. I did those with painters tape. They will fall for the idea of sketching their favorite fruit on canvas as soon as you mention it to them.

The background stripes are super fun and customizable! with no comment. Clean your brush, then add pink in the middle third-ish of the pineapple. Begin by sketching an oval.

This is a great design to paint by yourself or with your children. Hello artist friends I’m going to teach you how to do a pineapple painting! See how easy it is to create something wonderful with paint and a pineapple! Simply Mamá Cooks 1,764,134 views I like to dab the tip of my brush on the paper towels before heading to my paper so I don’t get a sudden blob of water/pigment because this can mess up your painting. spray paint is great for so many different applications and comes in many colors and finishes. Paint a Pineapple. Apply a small amount of deep gold acrylic paint to a dry brush; remove any excess paint with a paper towel. In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a pineapple in stages with a pencil. This is such an easy and fun painting you can do with your kids or for a fun summer themed party. Who are my pineapple people?!? The first written record of the pineapple was made by Christopher Columbus and his contemporaries.

How to Draw a Pineapple Step 1. Now, they are not everyone’s favorite fruit … BUT, pineapples are super super fun to paint! How to draw a pineapple in 5 different options will be described and shown in this article! EASY Shrimp Fried Rice | How to Make Chinese Fried Rice | Chinese Take Out Style Fried Rice - Duration: 10:37. Pineapples are also great for painting beginners or people who worry about painting. This modern kitchen staple is a tropical fruit native to the Americas, now cultivated all over the world. Simply Mamá Cooks 1,764,134 views

since this craft would be a temporary one, i didn’t bother to use primer. Paint the bottom of the pineapple purple.
Apply two coats of paint, allowing each to dry thoroughly.
Paint the base of the pineapple in a medium yellow acrylic paint with a flat brush.

unexpected paint job!