The Effects of Negative Thinking; How to Stop Being Negative: 37 Steps to Stop Negativity in Its Tracks; Create Distance. With these eight effective tools at your disposal, you now know how to stop being negative and start becoming the more positive person you want to be. Don’t feel guilty about cutting negative people from your life. If they are family, you can simply reduce the time you spend around them. In order to stop negative thoughts, you need to slow everything down, and first learn to just notice them. Try new things Being open to trying new things also helps to build self-esteem, Dennis explains. If you fear something, do it anyway. Facing our fears helps to build self-esteem.

5. Regardless of how much mental energy you devote to negative thought processes, it doesn't really affect the world.

Yale researchers discovered in 2012 that people recalled fewer negative feelings about a past lonely experience when they were holding a hot pack. 1. Who in your life is negative? It's a lot of effort with no reward. Reference [1] ^ PsyCom: The Negativity Bias: Why The Bad Stuff Sticks [2] ^ Link … 4. Here are five of the most common ways you may not realize you’re being negative. 2. Negative thoughts can occur for many different reasons—but if yours are focused on feeling lonely, you may gain some comfort by warming up, literally. Featured photo credit: Brooke Cagle via

See which of these you might be able to work on this week to reduce the undesirable vibes—and your stress level—at work. Don’t argue with the negative people, or get drawn into their drama. #20 DO ANYTHING ELSE THAN BE NEGATIVE. Fear is a part of life, whether we like it or not, but we all have a choice as to whether to let it stop us. Distance yourself. 8. You now know how to stop being negative, but in order to change, you must believe you can. While you are being negative, nothing happens and nobody cares. But while sometimes your negative thoughts are as blatant and obvious as Justin’s, other times negativity may creep in in such subtle ways, you may not even see the havoc they create. 3.