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Measured container. While it can be used for almost all purposes, like arts and crafts or painting furniture, applying enamel can be tricky. Primer shouldn’t be needed for touch ups unless you plan on completely stripping the paint from an area first. Latex paints can thicken sometimes when not used and may need to be thinned out before you can start painting. I usually thin my latex paints quite a bit when I spray. Begin with an empty container, and then pour half of the enamel paint in the container. When reapplying enamel paint to worn and discolored areas, use a single thin coat at a time. Thinning and using Tamiya paint and cement, This video will save you time and trouble. Enamel paint is a thick material used to get a hard-surfaced, glossy finish. Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel Too Thin I purchased a quart of Semi-Gloss Ultra White Enamel and painted one side of a new bi-fold door to make sure I liked it. Acrylic paint is a water-based polymer. In my previous video, “Mixing Paint & Filling a Spray Gun, Small Shop Spray Painting Part V” I simply guessed when I thought I had it thin enough. [11] Brush the fresh coat on carefully to make sure that the surface remains uniform. Pour the paint into a large bucket. Stir the paint thoroughly, and test it after each addition to avoid over-thinning. Water-based enamel paint. Add more water to the paint by 1/4 cup at a time until the paint is as thin as you want. Here’s what Behr says about this new paint line – “Behr MARQUEE Exterior is a stain-blocking paint and primer that features Behr’s most advanced dirt and fade protection technology It creates a tough, non-stick surface that resists dirt to give color that looks freshly painted longer, even under severe weather conditions. I was told that the Alkyd's on the market right now are the best option for cabinets instead of latex because they dry harder. Published on Feb 27, 2015.

Yes, the new Behr Alkyd is what I purchased, I can't find the above oil-base or else I would go with that. Watch how the paint runs off the stir stick. Andy's Hobby Headquarters 441,823 views Latex or water-based, paint is often used to paint interior walls or furnishings that are not exposed to the elements. Follow what is recommended, often 1/3 reducer to 2/3 paint, and ensure the reducer and the paint are from the same manufacturer. Use a five gallon one and thin a large quantity. Stir the paint thoroughly. Do not thin paint without measurements or you could damage the entire batch of paint. Things You'll Need. You don’t want to do this multiple times and get inconsistent results. Follow the tips below to prevent the thickening of your paint and learn the best ways to thin water-based paint if prevention fails. Slowly add the reducer while stirring continuously. Be sure all the water is incorporated. Add a half cup of room temperature water for each gallon of paint. It comes in both oil-based or water-based varieties and sticks to almost all surfaces. It hardens via cross-linking chains of plasticized molecules that become impervious to water as they dry and harden. The enamel paint and the reducer are generally not mixed in equal quantities.