I have great news if you’re a fan of those famous and oh so creamy Swedish meatballs served up in-store at IKEA.You can now make them in your kitchen at home because our beloved furniture chain released their actual Swedish Meatballs recipe via Twitter, complete with those iconic illustrated instructions!. Here’s How To Make IKEA’s Famous Swedish Meatballs Photo: IKEA Photo: @thelittlealarmclock (Instagram) Ingredients (Meatballs): 500g beef mince Sure, IKEA is offering food delivery but things just got a whole lot more interesting because now you can even make those delicious meatballs at home. IKEA Has Revealed Their Famous Swedish Meatballs Recipe So You Can Make Them At Home Photo: @amhungrydoyou (Instagram) Everyone can agree that no trip to IKEA is complete without having a portion of their iconic Swedish meatballs. Listen up IKEA fans!. IKEA has released its signature meatball recipe for us all to enjoy at home April 21, 2020 Choosing your dream kitchen or wandering the Market Hall and exchanging your life savings for an array of scented tea lights may not be a possibility right now, but there is one piece of IKEA-related joy you can keep in your life during lockdown – the iconic IKEA meatballs recipe. Check out the long-awaited recipe below!