Then roast the almonds and pistachio nuts on a dry pan and cool down. Now in a bowl, mix the cooled nuts and crushed anise seeds with the remaining ingredients. Crush the anise seeds in a mortar or in a Magic Bullet. Italian biscotti with almonds, pistachio and anise. Greetings from THE BEACH! baking powder 1 Tbsp. 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour 3/4 cup pistachios, roasted and ground 1/4 tsp. Mix well until it forms a dough. We are currently sitting pretty in the Outer Banks. (or more) anise seeds, toasted and ground 1/4 tsp. Basic biscotti cookies flavored with anise extract and anise seed. We got here Sunday and we are heading back home in 2 days. Start by blanching the almonds.