Al Itkane Couscous Fine 1KG. Sort By: Show: Quickview. Couscous is the perfect alternative to plain rice or pasta. Consisting of many tiny granules made from steamed and dried durum wheat, couscous has become a popular alternative to rice and pasta. Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques. Ex Tax:$2.99. It’s a simple ratio: one cup of grain to one cup water and ready in about 5 minutes. Simple couscous recipe. Shop for Couscous Pasta at Couscous originates from North Africa and is the staple ingredient in the North African diet. Save money. Quickview. The ideal Israeli couscous-to-water ratio is about 1 cup of dry couscous to 1½ cups of water, but you can also cook Israeli couscous like pasta, simply draining off any excess liquid once the couscous is al dente. Brand: Al itkane Model: 2005090002550. For even more flavor, sub the same amount of water for chicken broth or vegetable broth. Brand: Al itkane Model: 2005090000030. It has a light fluffy texture and is a little bland in flavour but readily soaks up the flavours of other ingredients. 200ml kettle-hot water or boiling vegetable stock. Giant couscous is boiled like pasta for a few minutes then drained, so all you need is a saucepan and a colander. Add to Cart. Couscous And Pasta. Al Itkane Couscous Fine 1KG.. $2.99. Pasta is cooked by boiling and couscous is steamed. 1 tbsp olive oil. Couscous and pasta have similar nutritional value, although pasta is usually more refined. Add to Wish List.
Product Compare 0. Burghul or bulgur is a kind of parboiled dried cracked wheat of similar size to couscous, cooked by adding boiling water and leaving for a few minutes to soften. These yummy, pearl-shaped grains go great in a salad or are perfect served hot as a side dish! All you need to cook couscous is a heatproof bowl with a cover or some clingfilm to cover it with.

Buy Now Ask Question. And couscous is SO easy to cook! A: Couscous is a pasta made from semolina flour mixed with water. Live better.