An IPS, however, is … I got a really late start on investing myself. If …

2. Article 1 discusses how mindfulness makes you more calm and focused. Snapchat seems to have more pull with "selfie" culture and the ability to share visual snippets of your life with friends seems more "real".

Here's Why You Need One Having a plan can help you stay on track and meet your goals. This mindset obviously supports better investment, financial, and life decisions.

If you don't have an investing strategy or financial plan, ... you may need to adjust your investment strategy to make sure it's something you can … Yet I’m not sold on you as a person, so forget about my investing in your company. Do You Have a Financial Plan? Make your money work for you now to enjoy the pay off down the road. Before you start investing, your bank should be equipped to make it easy to do online banking and to set up automatic transfers both to and from the bank quite easily. McCullough calls this investing sober versus investing drunk. Why mindfulness for investing? If you don't have a financial plan in place, here's how to get started. 3. Sounds like you're not the target market. Beyond being calm and focused, examining the Buddhist origins of mindfulness reveals that mindfulness supports good decisions in other ways as well. When there’s a crash (or bubble for that matter), we make rash decisions, as if we were drunk. You see, in investing, it is easy to fool ourselves with cherry-picked statistics. Twitter seems way more like a passing fad without much pull or substance behind it, which is all to be expected with a text-based communication medium. If I can’t trust your character, judgment or leadership skills, then let’s not waste each other’s time. As a 20-something investor, time is on your side. Roboadvisors now allow you to save for retirement with crazy small sums, even as little as $1. They allow you to do so outside an employer plan, though you can rollover your employer plans over using roboadvisors, too. Why You Must Start Investing in Your 20s: No Excuses! Coming of age during the last Recession, I was terrified of the stock market. You might have automatically assumed that one of the 3 big up decades was the “best” investment.