Of course, once you begin taking payments and withdrawals from the account, you’ll begin being charged income taxes. This can be integral to getting your retirement assets to the point to where you want them. Variable Annuities. Add-on benefits, available for an extra charge, can provide protection and guaranteed income for life. The owner of the account has an investment fund that is intended, after retirement, to provide a … Because it is a variable annuity, it acts as a bucket into which you put your money. Jackson of New York. Annuities In Client Scenarios; Variable Annuities; Fixed Index Annuities; Fixed Annuities; The Jackson Difference. Because no two individuals have the same financial goals, Jackson variable annuities offer a wide range of investment options that give you the freedom to build a portfolio that is customized for your individual priorities and preferences. Fixed Annuities and Life Insurance.

Reassure America Life Insurance policy holders, please continue to contact your current service provider at the address and phone number listed on your previous correspondence. Jackson’s Variable Annuity Products Variable annuities allow you to allocate your assets across a wide range of investment options to help grow your assets. Jackson has $297.6 billion in total IFRS assets and $269.5 billion in IFRS policy liabilities set aside to pay primarily future policyowner benefits (as of December 31, 2019). You then invest the money in that bucket into different mutual funds within the annuity. Variable annuities from Jackson allow you to customize your portfolio by providing a wide range of investment options for your investing and retirement income goals. The Jackson National Perspective II annuity has the following features. Annuities are issued by Jackson National Life Insurance Company (Home Office: Lansing, … As for what they are, a variable annuity is a type of retirement account. Overview; Who We Are; Financial Strength; Providing Protected Lifetime Income; Helping Financial Professionals Succeed ; Supporting Our Community; Explore Jackson Careers; Financial Professionals.

The Elite Access® annuity from Jackson is a variable annuity that allows you to grow your funds on a tax-deferred basis. Reassure Policy Holders.