How long will margarine last? 6 years ago. It's a brand of margarine. Early margarines were made from animal fat. Yes, you can make a delicious chocolate fudge icing using Stork Baking Liquid. Find us on Instagram and Facebook @bakewithstork. as it says above I know its a stupid questions but ye "perfect for baking" ... Lv 7. Margarine provides a dairy-free way to enjoy buttered toast, and flaky pie crusts. But often, those large tubs tend to be too much margarine to eat within a few weeks.

Sales of margarine are in decline, due to a combination of reformulated recipes, price, health and taste. Stork literally cuts costs by half. To make enough icing for 12 cupcakes or one large cake measure 55g Stork Baking Liquid, 2 dessertspoons milk, 200g icing sugar (sieved) and 2 tablespoons cocoa powder into a bowl and … What is margarine? Margarine v butter: are synthetic spreads toast? add Stork Original Baking Spread 500G to basket. Can you use stork butter for toast, crackers etc? It is a manufactured, vegetable-oil-based substitute for butter. Can margarine go bad? In the 1900s, chemists discovered how to harden liquid oils and vegetable oil replacing animal fat.

Bakes someone happy! It needs to be functional as well as taste good on its own. Why margarine is toast Unilever, which owns some of the UK's most famous household brands, has announced plans to sell its margarine business, including Flora and Stork.

For recipes, tips and advice visit Log in to reply to the answers Post; mccumber. I don't see why it wouldn't be ok on toast, crackers, etc. The best vegan margarine is one you can use for any purpose, whether it's to make a dairy-free vegan cheese sauce thick and creamy, to use in baking vegan cookies and vegan muffins, or just to spread on toast. Stork contains 63% less saturated fat than butter. Product Description.

Here's why.
The maker of Flora and Stork has put the margarine and spreads business up for sale as consumers turn to butter and healthier options. I am a v keen baker and bake a lot of bread, cakes and pastry to keep bills down.

The oly thing you do need butter for it italian style sweet pastry, but that is a pain in the arse anyway. Vegetable Oils in varying proportions (75%) (Rapeseed, Palm1, Sunflower), Water, Salt (1.4%), Emulsifier (Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Acid (Citric Acid), Vitamin A and D, Flavourings, 1Stork is committed to Sustainable Palm Oil.
70% vegetable fat spread. Margarine was created in the early 1800s as an inexpensive substitute for butter. The secret to cracking biscuits and pastry since 1920. Can margarine go bad?

Lv 4. Surprisingly, margarine can actually go bad, and the shelf life may be shorter than you think. Suitable for vegetarians. Stork makes pastry 'short', sponges fluffy and doesn't need to be softened. As any toast aficionado knows, margarine is a heck of a lot easier to spread than butter. What is Margarine? Favourite answer. 0 0 0.