Kim Jong-un dead? His sister Kim Yo-jong, 31, has been announced as …

He could be in a vegetable-like-state.

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Multiple news outlets are reporting that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has died.

He could be sitting by the pool, margarita in hand, wondering which relative to cull next. “People are saying that kim jong un who has appeared is a body double or clone.

Kim, 36, died after having a cardiovascular procedure, the party said. Kim Jong-un … Suspicions over latest picture as expert warns it 'doesn't look right' PICTURES apparently proving North Korea's Kim Jong-un is …

Kim Jong Un is either vegetative or dead after undergoing a failed cardiovascular procedure on April 12, according to Asian media reports—but Reuters has been unable to confirm or deny.

The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un has died, the ruling Workers’ Party, has laid to rest rumors of his death in a live broadcast on state TV. For the past week rumours have been swirling through online forums and amongst North Korea watchers that the country's dictator is dead.

Adding to the rumor mill surrounding Kim Jong Un, a five-minute video made to look like a news report has emerged in North Korea, claiming the country’s leader dropped dead during an … TMZ was the first to report the news, writing, “North Korea’s Supreme Leader/dictator Kim Jong-un has reportedly died, or is on his death bed with no hope for recuperation — according to media outlets in China and Japan.”. He could have had heart surgery. Scattered reports are coming in–all unconfirmed–that the North Korean strongman, Kim Jong-un, is dead. The Washington Examiner reports also that a team of Chinese medical professionals are heading to North Korea to “check in” on the status of Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un could be dead. North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un seems to be alive even after he was reported dead following a botched heart operation by Hong Kong-backed news channel HKSTV on Saturday.. But in a new development to the news, a South Korean official has said Kim Jong-un is ‘alive, well and staying at holiday resort’.