In a video she shot with Le Creuset, the food blogger jokes about her struggles to pronounce the French word with her Southern accent. Le Creuset actually has a video that shares the correct pronunciation of its name, so you can walk into cooking supply stores and dinner parties alike with the confidence you need to talk about Dutch ovens and baking dishes. Le Creuset was founded in France in 1925, but it has become a world-renowned brand that sells its pricey cast-iron cookware range all over the globe.

As Howard points out, “I know how to use them, I don’t necessarily have to call it by name.” Take it from Howard: Learn how to use the Le Creuset first, then worry about the pronunciation. Vivian Howard, chef and star of the PBS show A Chef’s Life, had her own reservations about saying Le Creuset while filming a demo for the company. "Le Creuset" is French for "the cauldron." This content is imported from Twitter. The name reflects the cast-iron materials used in the signature pieces the company produces.

This content is imported from YouTube. While many may instantly recognize a Le Creuset pot, they may not recognize the brand name if they heard it, since many are confused about how to …
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