A person needs a real estate license if they provide assistance intended to result in the sale or lease of real estate. If your license is active and you wish to renew on-line with a credit card click here to renew your license. Leasing Agent. Print Renewal If your license is active and you have not received your renewal application, click here to view and print the application for your profession. Policy Statement 2019-003: Credit for Pre-License Home Study and Online Distance Courses Begun On or Before June 30, 2019. This is a live class 15-hour pre licensing course related to leasing residential property for students seeking agent licensure in the state of Illinois. Yes. You're in charge of your own schedule and all of your clients, so largely you are your own boss.

Satisfies the 6-Hour Core CE curriculum requirement, which must be completed by all Residential Leasing Agents.

Self-Study Designed to meet the 15-hour pre-licensing requirement for students seeking leasing agent licensure in … Since leasing Illinois agents primarily handle residential rentals, you must know how to deal with young college students, young professionals and young families. Real Estate Managing Broker.

The Illinois Real Estate Academy, d.b.a Your House Academy is an Illinois State-Licensed Real Estate School offering Broker Pre-License & Post-License Courses, Managing Broker, Leasing Agent & Continuing Education Since 1979. Approved Education Providers and Courses. Real Estate Pre-License School Branch.

Which of the following would be true according to the Illinois License Act? License Information. Includes Sexual Harassment Prevention training, which all Illinois Residential Leasing Agents must complete before renewing their license. You can find more information on our Broker programs here. The Real Estate Broker License also allows leasing activities, so you will still be in compliance with Illinois license law if you choose to obtain a Broker license rather than a Leasing Agent license. 34. An agent leases a house and in the process misrepresents to the renter that the rent for the home included all utilities and does so without the owner's knowledge. Real Estate Pre-License School. Key components of property management (renting and leasing) are considered real estate activities under existing Illinois real estate licensing laws.

The leasing agent profession is fairly low key and flexible. Real Estate Pre-License Instructor.