LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!!! r/Ben10: A Reddit for all things related to the Television show Ben 10 (incl. Rath is the Omnitrix's sample of an Appoplexian.

” Rath is one of the many alien forms made accessible to young hero Ben Tennyson by the alien Omnitrix in Cartoon Network's Ben 10 animated franchise. Let me tell you something random person reading my bio! The following article is about something that appeared after the Doğum Günü Eğlencesi update in FusionFall, and so will not appear in FusionFall Retro.
Rath will probably NOT accept Roleplay requests! Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse, & the Reboot) Hello Select your address Today's Deals Best Sellers Find a Gift Customer Service New Releases Registry Books Gift Cards Kindle Books Sell AmazonBasics Toys & Games Coupons Amazon Home Amazon Fashion Computers Automotive Beauty & Personal Care Home Improvement TV & Video Smart Home Health & Household Whole Foods Home Audio & Theater Amazon Launchpad Free Shipping … Cause y'all a bunch of illiterates! "I gotta agree with her on this one," Kevin E. Levin says. .

“Let me tell ya something .

. Gender: Male Age: Unknown Classification: Alien, Appoplexian Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Has a powerful roar, Has retractable claws, Can generate shock waves by stabbing … Powers and Stats. It's a great idea!"

Rath is active! „ ~ Rath: Summary. Tier: At least Low 7-B, likely 7-A.

STOP FOLLOWING ME. Let Me Tell You about Rath! Rath is the Omnitrix / Ultimatrix 's DNA sample of an Appoplexian from Appoplexia. Klasik editör Geçmiş Comments Share. If Rath gets on the Omnitrix, Who should he be voiced by? February 02. "Let me tell you something, Gwen Tennyson! Not in FusionFall Retro.
He spins away from the cockpit, but he doesn't get up and Rath twitches again. Posts (3) Wall (133) Ultimate Negative Rath . If he gets up, he's fair game. When Rath is angry at someone or something, he usually yells a sentence starting with, "Let me tell ya something" followed by the full name of the person, calling Kevin by his, or their position, labeling Khyber as "self-proclaimed greatest huntsman in the galaxy". 7K Challenge .

Hide Full Bio Read More . Alternate Counterparts (within Reboot Continuity) #N#Alternate Counterparts (within Classic Continuity) #N#Start a Discussion Discussions about Rath. Greetings everyone and welcome to the 7K Challenge. Name: Rath Origin: Ben 10. "LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING LITTLE BUMBLE BEE!!!

"Come on, I need to fight!" This bug was getting on Rath's last and only nerve. Gwen Tennyson made him promise not to fight if Kevin E. Levin was navigating. don't know how 2018-11-20T10:52:34Z.

Rath starts swinging the hammer around repeatedly and every time he takes a shot he only ends up defeated. Düzenle. "You need to calm down before I knock you out again." WHEN YOU MESS WITH RATH, PAIN IS SURE TO FOLLOW!!!!"