Willow Cuttings to Grow Willow cuttings are easy to plant, quick to establish, and have many uses. Willow is an exciting material you can use to create beautiful, unique sculptures for your property. "Most trees and plants look impressive above ground, but underneath they could be … Visit with us concerning planting strategies for this kind of project. You may be asking, what is a willow dome? About living willow at Willows Nursery. How to Make a Living Willow Fence. Willow Fence, Willow Garden, Forest Garden, Garden Art, Garden Design, Willow Dome, Living Willow, Willow Weaving, Garden Structures Марина Панькив уличный дизайн Lawn And Garden Garden Art Garden Design Garden Grass Dog Garden Herb Garden House Design Backyard Landscaping Landscaping Ideas We grow over 140 different varieties and sell them as 10-12" cuttings ready for planting (they can be longer if you like, just contact us for details). See more ideas about Living willow, Willow fence and Plants. Different designs for living willow structures 1. Superb as a garden feature plant, each sculpture is hand-made, so varies slightly form pot to pot, from living, but dormant Willow stems, skilfully woven into stunning designs.

In spring, I also have long rods (6-8') that are held 'green' (as opposed to dried) for use in living willow structures. Living willow fence by Wassledine, Bedfordshire, UK. Why Weeping Willow Is Just Plain Awful It grows very fast.
The one shown is about 3m. A living willow pergola or arch. Read more to learn about building with willow branches. A living willow dome can become a secret playhouse, as well as teach children how to care for and maintain living plants. We grow over 140 different varieties, have a look at our collection below We Love Willow!

Above: Create a magical passageway from one area of your garden to the next using a series of Living Willow Arches; or consider a willow wigwam for £480 at … Windbreak Hedges are made using the willow variety ‘Salix Viminalis’ which is the toughest and fastest growing willow variety available, typically growing up to 10′ in the first year, and as such, make excellent windbreaks or quick screens. On our organic artisan farm we have established 5 acres of 20,000 willow plants in 50 different varieties, which in turn will find their way into my baskets, garden structures and living projects.
The Only Good Place For A Weeping Willow. These can be supplied in kit form per metre length. These need to be planted before the end of June (in the upper Midwest).

Prices of these start at $85/bundle of approximately 100 rods. Heavy pruning at the top encourages growth at the bottom. A willow dome is a teepee or dome-shaped structure made from living willow whips or branches.