For non-health-related questions or concerns call 833-551-0518 or visit, which is being updated and finalized as a one-stop source for information. Initial estimates of the early dynamics of the outbreak in Wuhan, China, suggested a doubling time of the number of infected persons of 6–7 days and a basic reproductive number (R0) of 2.2–2.7. Flyer PDF for businesses or organizations to use, post or share in their facilities related to March 16 closures for County Facilities (posted 3/16/20) (For NEW MEXICO STATE COVID-19 updates, refer to: New Mexico Department of Health News Room; New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham News Room; For FEDERAL COVID-19 updates visit the Centers for Disease and Prevention … Home; About; Contact; Category: COVID-19, Coronavirus. The News from Los Alamos & Beyond. Latest COVID-19 coronavirus data and map for Los Alamos, CA Advertisement. Updated NM COVID-19 Cases: Now At 6,472, Includes 11 Additional Deaths. The U.S. Government has rights to use, reproduce, and distribute this information.

LOS ALAMOS, NM, April 8, 2020—Los Alamos National Laboratory, like many of the Department of Energy national laboratories, is drawing on its rich history in the biological sciences to actively engage in the national effort to study, understand, and answer important questions about the COVID-19 outbreak. Read News Releases from the LOS ALAMOS COUNTY related to the COVID-19 Pandemic - Updates may be posted daily or less frequently, as conditions warrant. LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (KRQE) – A team led by New Mexico scientists says the strain of COVID-19 we are dealing with now, is much more contagious than the original version that arose in China. May 21, 2020 Los Alamos Reporter.

The Los Alamos Fire Department (LAFD) would like to share with the public some information and steps they are taking with regards to the COVID-19.

The coronavirus epidemic keeps defying predictions.

... and one led by scientists at Los Alamos … The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determines which model did the best; for 2018-2019, it was one from Los Alamos.

23 ... Los Alamos, CA Santa Barbara County As of Sat, May 23, 2020, 1:45 PM EDT. When does fast science become problematic science? Los Alamos National Labratory disese modeler submit new paper: The Novel Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, is Highly Contagious and More Infectious Than Initially Estimated Posted by 11 days ago Academic Report May 21, 2020 Los Alamos Reporter. Menu Skip to content.

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists Jeanne Fair (left) and Sara Del Valle (right) study epidemiology and computer modeling, respectively, as part of their work on infectious diseases such as the coronavirus. The Los Alamos researchers, with the help of scientists at Duke University and the University of Sheffield in England, were able to analyze thousands of coronavirus sequences collected by … Los Alamos scientists estimated how fast the curve is flattened in 51 countries.

Unless otherwise indicated, this information has been authored by an employee or employees of the Triad National Security, LLC., operator of the Los Alamos National Laboratory with the U.S. Department of Energy.

Los Alamos, CA Weather. New Mexicans with health-related questions can call our coronavirus hotline at 855-600-3453.

In the last few days, ... comes from a new study by a modeling group at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. This pdf document is a a coronavirus (COVID-19) resource guide for citizens in Los Alamos and White Rock.

Economic Development … Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the U.S. studied coronavirus variants in a database and found one strain of the virus spreading through Europe that …

COVID-19 is testing us on that question. Cafe Sushi Thanks Community For Support During Recent Weeks. May 21, 2020 Los Alamos Reporter. Los Alamos, New Mexico— Many residents have heard by now of a respiratory illness identified as the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The majority of these cases are occurring in China; however, the virus has spread around the world. COVID-19 is testing us on that question. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 is the causative agent of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease pandemic.

| Courtesy Los Alamos National Laboratory