Nothing is surprising to Future and the Weeknd. Examples of people often labeled low-lives include aggressive panhandlers , bullies , criminals , drug dealers , freeloaders , hobos , gangsters , people associated with adhering to low culture , people who make constant use of profanities , prostitutes , pimps , scammers , sexual abusers , substance … Crobot - Low Life Crobot Buy this song FAVORITE (0 fans) Crobot. Kneecap: ‘Low-life scum’ of west Belfast rap whose day has come These ‘Good Friday agreement babies’ rap in Irish, and even the Troubles are fair game No behavior is deplorable. — Peggy Noonan, WSJ, "Michael Cohen Makes History," 28 Feb. 2019 Making matters worse is the general indifference of the king's son Hal (Hamish Linklater), the future Henry V, whose days are … Update this biography » Year: 2019 3,989 Views Playlists: #10. Watch: New Singing Lesson Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer Turn off your television. From "Some Day My Prince Will Come" to "Let It Go" - how Disney princess songs (and the women who sing them) have evolved. If you are using ‘low’ as a modifier of ‘life’, then it would be ‘low lives’. Joined later by brothers Paul and Jake Figueroa. Mick Jones of Foreigner Songwriter Interviews Foreigner's songwriter/guitarist tells the stories behind the songs "Juke Box Hero," "I Want To Know What Love Is," and many more. Low Life Lyrics: I'm nothing but a low life / Thinking 'bout my own life / I can't help myself from falling / Can't help myself from falling / I'm nothing but a low life / Thinking 'bout my own I would pluralize ‘lowlife’ (one word) as ‘lowlifes’. A lowlife is a derogatory appellation for an unsavory individual. Crobot is an American Rock band from Pottsville, Pennsylvania composed of Brandon Yeagley and Chris Bishop. A low-life is a term for a person who is considered morally unacceptable by his or her community. They both sound natural and expressive on "Low Life," free to act and emote however they'd like.