Over 35 districts in Madhya Pradesh have so far declared lockdown in view of the growing threat of coronavirus in the state. Currently, the number of districts in the state is 52. 15 Madhya Pradesh districts under locust attack Desert locusts swarmed several districts in western Madhya Pradesh early on Wednesday morning. Swarms of locusts that had entered Madhya Pradesh from Rajasthan about a week ago have now begun moving towards Uttar Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh has various regions which have no official administrative governmental status but they are purely geographic regions; some correspond to historic countries, states or provinces. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said the state has been divided into two zones - red and green - as the coronavirus lockdown has been extended till May 31. Several districts of western Madhya Pradesh were attacked by desert locusts early on Wednesday. At least 10 districts in Uttar Pradesh that border Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have been put on alert after swarms of locusts attacked crops in the two states, an official said on Tuesday. Ujjain (MP), May 21 (IANS) Desert locusts swarmed several districts in western madhya pradesh early on Wednesday morning. Millions of locusts were seen on trees and in Rana Heda village near Panbihar
[1] The Madhya Pradesh government has declared that nine districts in the State, which had earlier reported COVID-19 cases, were now coronavirus-free.