Madhya Pradesh: District: Vidisha: Languages • Official: Hindi: Time zone: UTC+5:30 : PIN: 464221.

This article is all about the languages of Madhya - Pradesh. The Madhya Pradesh Official Language (Amendment) Act, 1972 No. Languages of Madhya Pradesh The languages most people in Madhya Pradesh speak are Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi and local dialects of Hindi.


Generally known as the bundeli language or the Bundelkhandi language which has its name from the bundelkhand. Madhya Pradesh contributes to India's mineral production in a large way. Moreover it is considered as the indo Aryan language and is generally spoken more in bundelkhand region of the Madhya Pradesh. with UP Bihar ,Jarkhand,Chatisgarh etc form what is usually called Hindi heartland snd Hindi is official language in all these states.Majority of poulation understand Hindi.

Be it enacted by the Madhya Pradesh Legislature in the Twenty-third Year of the Republic of India as follows: - Section 1 Short title This Act may be called the Madhya Pradesh Official Language (Amendment) Act, 1972.

It is also known as Heart of the country.People from all religion and communities are lives here.There are so many languages are spoken in Madhya - Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh along.

Madhya Pradesh is in Hindi and when translated to the English language it literally means: "The Middle State". The Madhya - Pradesh is situated at the center of India. An Act to amend the Madhya Pradesh Official Language Act, 1957.

How many language in Madhya Pradesh? Telephone code: 91-7594: Vehicle registration : MP-40: Udaipur is a town in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh near Ganj Basoda. Jusqu’en novembre 2000, le Madhya Pradesh, situé dans le centre de l’Inde, était l’État le plus étendu de la Fédération indienne. We need you to answer this question!

Il n’en est plus que le deuxième, puisque, à cette date, il a été divisé en deux : un nouvel État, le Chhattisgahr, avec comme capitale Raipur, a été créé à partir de ses districts orientaux. Madhya Pradesh Bundelkhandi Language. The regional languages are spoken by people belonging to those particular regions of India, but travellers will have no problem as … Section 2 Amendment of section 3 …

1 of 1973.

Origin. dialects which are similar to Hindi are also spoken. It was once controlled by Rajputs and some other martial tribes. Hindi is a standard language spoken in Madhya Pradesh. It is the site of a well-preserved Śiva temple, a monument of national importance protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. But along with a number of local.