Can anyone explain why magnetic fields do no work (ie. In particle physics, a magnetic monopole is a hypothetical elementary particle that is an isolated magnet with only one magnetic pole (a north pole without a south pole or vice versa). The magnetic force, acting perpendicular to the … The magnetosphere of Mars is … The Magnetic Fields’ three-disc album 69 Love Songs is a staggering achievement, a cultural landmark, a monument to romantic, yet urbane misery.

This is how the Japanese bullet train--Shinkansen--works. The magnetic field does no work, so the kinetic energy and speed of a charged particle in a magnetic field remain constant. It's clearly true for a single charged particle: the Lorentz force law has the magnetic force perpendicular to the direction of motion, so the dot product of force and displacement is always zero. How they differ from electric and gravitational fields).
There is also no proof for a causal relationship between exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic field from cell phones and occurrence of …

This, however, does not mean that Mars does not have a magnetosphere; simply that it is less extensive than that of the Earth. If a train can ride just above the rail, on a magnet field, there will be very little friction and it will be easy to move the train. I don't seem to remember any of the explanation behind that. Facts about Mars' magnetic field. Naturally, the train could then run very fast. While synth-pop often forms the foundation of their music, The Magnetic Fields' music borrows from many other styles, notably country, folk and indie pop. Magnetic field, a vector field in the neighborhood of a magnet, electric current, or changing electric field, in which magnetic forces are observable. A magnetic monopole would have a net "magnetic charge". The magnetic field due to the power line possibly plays a role in this greater chance, but there is no proof for a causal relationship. The Magnetic Fields is a New York-based group fronted by Stephin Merritt.Recent albums released under the name "The Magnetic Fields" usually consist of synth-pop music in a 1980s style underlying clever lyrics which are often heavily ironic. Unlike the Earth, Mars has no inner dynamo to create a major global magnetic field. I don't like teaching the meme "magnetic fields do no work." Modern interest in the concept stems from particle theories, notably the grand unified and superstring theories, which predict their existence..

Calling it a concept album seems inadequate. It is true, but it is not useful. Magnetic fields such as that of Earth cause magnetic compass needles and other permanent magnets to line up in the direction of the field. Thanks! I remember learning in Electrodynamics last year that magnetic fields don't actually do any work. Magnetic levitation, or Maglev, applies a property of disk drives to electric trains.