Is it just a song name? English (US) Spanish (Mexico) @xpoo99 It's just a name @xpoo99 It's just a name. Anthony had joined in on the Toosie Slide challenge, which is a viral trend that many celebrities, including the likes of Justin Bieber, Tyga and Diddy, have been involved with. And we haven’t even talked about that dull, hackneyed beat, wildly derivative of every other exceptionally dull tune Drake has subjected us to in the past. Right after the dancers posted their incredible moves on the internet, Toosie slide dance garnered immediate attention. The "Toosie Slide" was the act of two gay partners sliding in human excrement together while singing along to Canadian rapper Drake's songs. Drake: Toosie Slide Meaning. Therefore, he took it online. » Nobody has submitted an interpretation for this song yet. Drake is having another viral moment as his latest song Toosie Slide already appeared in a dance challenge three days before it released. The song is calculated and devoid of meaning. Nowadays, the song will not be played in parties. Song Released: 2020 Toosie Slide Lyrics. 13 Apr 09:02 PM.

In the same week that Toosie Slide was released, Drake took to social media to share photos of his two-year-old son, Adonis, for the first time. We don't currently have the lyrics for Toosie Slide, Care to share them? Tagged: No tags, suggest one. @comolaflor_ What’s real meaning about “toosie slide”? See a translation Report copyright infringement; 0 likes 0 disagrees xpoo99 . Be the first! Toosie Slide is bereft of artistry. See a translation Report copyright infringement; 0 likes 0 disagrees comolaflor_ 13 Apr 08:42 PM.