When you purchase furniture, the salesperson will likely offer you furniture … Although some furniture owners prefer hiring a professional for fabric protection, others opt for a do-it-yourself job. Is Guardsman furniture protection worth it? A fabric protectant (like Scotchgard) helps your furniture resist the strain of everyday use and is well worth the extra money. Practice by protecting your own furniture … It acts as a repellant (like wax acts on your vehicle) causing liquids to bead and … We also have one on a Lazy Boy, it covers … Scotch guard works as a soil retardant – … With small kids, we did buy one, and ended up using it. Sofa cover couch elastic fabric stretch seater protector sofa stretchy seat cushion cover couch slip covers replacement 3m scotchgard fabric protector 293g sho singapore sofa cushion treated with a fabric protector you. Main … Hi Bill and Steve, I have been cleaning carpets for 16 years now and something I have noticed with the application of a carpet protector is that if you use the …

He knocked a half full bottle of red wine over the carpet … If you are offered a fabric protection that is injected into the fabric, yes it is worth it.

In the end we decided to scotch guard it, to protect it from getting too dirty (it's cream in colour). Is the Guardsman furniture protection insurance worth it? It was worth it for us, it extended the life of the sofa. Whats people lookup in this blog: Sofa Fabric Protection Worth It; Furniture Fabric Protection Worth It Using a brush will help distribute more evenly. Brand new furniture is treated at the store for roughly $50 to $100 per piece before it is even removed from the showroom, and prices are similar for protecting used furniture. The chairs you are protecting would probably be calculated as 56 linear feet as it is not a typical living room chair with wide arms and fabric to the floor. Although it has been mis-sold as a “magic bullet”, it really does help in protecting your carpet. I worked in the furniture industry for a number of years. Read the warranty & all it's fine print BEFORE you buy. Don't know about sofas but our carpet in the living room is scotch guarded and it is SO worth it, especially with 2 children under 4 and a clumsy husband. It is a spray on … Furniture protection plans are insurance for your furniture. Is it really worth it to Scotch guard carpet? In a word, yes. You do not need to saturate the fabric, but apply an even misting.

My wife and I bought some furniture at the end of last year and were wondering the same. So, I get dragged to furniture … January 17, 2010 7:30 AM Subscribe.
Think of them like car insurance, health insurance, or homeowner insurance.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Though unlike car insurance, health insurance, or homeowner insurance, furniture insurance is a one-time cost. Scotchguard means nothing. Scotchgard is a proven solution and worth the effort. Business has been surprisingly good for Mrs. Thorzdad, and she has declared that we can finally afford to replace our nasty, 22-year-old couch. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Scotchgard Fabric & Upholstery Protector, 1 Can/10-Ounces at Amazon.com.