Vascular plant diversity is estimated at about 12,000 species, representing as much as 40 percent of all the species in China. The Mountains of Southwest China Biodiversity Hotspot, which stretches from southeast Tibet through western Sichuan and extends into central and northern Yunnan, is the most botanically rich temperate forest ecosystem in the world.

Mountains of Southwest China; External links. With dramatic variations in climate and topography, the Mountains of Southwest China Hotspot is … You can help by … Rapid elevation changes of more than 6,000 meter between ridge tops and river valleys support a complete spectrum of vegetation types. This section is empty. Of these, about 3,500 species (29 percent) and at least 20 genera are endemic, including about 100 endemic ferns and 20 endemic gymnosperms.

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Mountains of Southwest China Hotspot Neighboring Hotspot Protected Area (IUCN Category I-IV) Protected Area (IUCN Category V-VI) Protected Area (IUCN Category NA) Urban Area Agriculture (0-100% landuse) Roads Railroads 346,608 km2 Kunming Chongqing Chengdu China Myanmar Vietnam India Bangldesh Bhutan.