Oregon’s Medicaid expansion was associated with a nearly twofold increase in the number of individuals enrolled in Medicaid health plans, the number of individuals with a diagnosis indicating an opioid use disorder, receiving psychosocial services, and receiving an opioid agonist or an opioid antagonist medication to support recovery from opioid use disorder.
Apr 2013 – Present 7 years 2 months. To start, select a tab from the top of the data window. Trevor Douglass, Pharmacy Purchasing and Oregon Prescription Drug Program Director . 5600 Fishers Lane • Rockville, MD 20857 • 240-276-2700 • OTP-Help@jbsinternational.com. Opioid Data Dashboard. Find information about Oregon’s opioid initiative and state organizations. They draw from available evidence, other federal and state guidelines, expert opinion, and public comment to guide clinical decisions, and encourage safe and compassionate prescribing and pain treatment statewide. Oregon Opioid Tapering Guidelines Task Force members represent diverse perspectives and experiences with long-term use of opioids Dr. Dana Hargunani, Chief Medical Officer Lisa Bui, Quality Improvement Director . State Opioid Treatment Authority Oregon Health Authority/Addictions & Mental Health. Oregon Health Authority has convened experts from across the state to develop clinical guidelines on opioid prescribing. opioids and opiates . The Oregon Health Authority, operating under OAR 415.020, is in charge of helping and regulating addiction prevention and treatment services in Oregon. Use the arrow buttons to scroll and see additional tabs. In 2014, enough opioids were prescribed in Oregon for nearly every person in the state to have a bottle, despite insufficient evidence that long-term opioid treatment is effective for chronic non-cancer pain. These guidelines focus on recommendations to improve patient safety and care, and address the ongoing prescription opioid overdose epidemic. Nicole Corbin, Adult Behavioral Health Services Manager

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Opioid Treatment Programs dispense and administer medications for the treatment of opioid addiction. Using this tool. As required by 2018 House Bill 4143 . (1) Letter of Approval: No person or governmental entity shall operate an Opioid Treatment Program without a letter of approval from the State Methadone Authority in Oregon. Data from Oregon's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program shows that prescribed opioid use is pervasive among Oregonians. Dr. John Mcilveen, State Opioid Treatment Authority . This interactive tool contains state and county level data on controlled substance prescribing and drug overdose health outcomes (hospitalizations and deaths). Salem, OR.