Hardy in zones 9-10. While cold hardy only in subtropical regions (U.S.D.A. Out of the common citrus varieties, the ones with more cold-hardiness are: kumquat, Calamondin, Satsuma mandarin, Gold Nugget, Kara mandarin, Meyer lemon I believe Satsuma mandarins are pretty borderline in the Pacific Northwest climate and they will need some light protection some years.

The palm-sized, succulent, juicy Owari Satsuma practically peel themselves. Owari Satsuma: McKenzie Amos, grandson of Stan McKenzie enjoys picking some owari satsumas from a tree at the McKenzie's patio.Owaris are sweet, seedless and zipper skinned. Plants are 3 gallon size and shipped bare root. Simply irresistable! All taste fantastic. 'Owari is a satsuma mandarin orange that is hardy outdoors in coastal BC! Louisiana Satsuma's Citrus unshiu The Satsuma mandarin may have originated in China but is was first reported in Japan more than 700 years ago.

Trees are very cold hardy down to around 12 F

The first recorded introduction into the United States was in Florida by George R. Hall in 1876. Owari is a satsuma variety suitable for North Florida production.

Plant in full sun in well drained soil. Plant cold hardiness at 28F but if there is fruit on the tree it will freeze at 32F. Citrus varieties vary with cold hardiness, and are listed below from hardy to tender. Figure 3. Zones 8B- 11), Orange FrostT Hardy Satsuma may be grown everywhere in large tubs that are brought indoors to a greenhouse or sunroom in colder climates for winter Other important traits include cold hardiness and seedless varieties that are uniformly small to moderate in size, attractive, sweet, and easy to peel. Most Cold Hardy Kumquats Satsuma Sweet Oranges Navel Oranges Mandarin Grapefruit Tangerines Tangelo Lemons Limes Tender The Facts on If growing in a large container, look for a dwarf satsuma that has been grafted on 'Flying Dragon' rootstock.
We chose this variety for its early ripening and cold hardiness.

Sorry we cannot ship citrus trees to Arizona 'Owari' is a very popular variety and 'LSU Early' is a recent introduction that shows promise.