We had every hope of continuing with this year’s festival until the very last moment because the Ozorian village is a space that does not need to be constructed every […] OZORA Festival is one of the most influential psychedelic trance festivals in the world. Started in 1999 to celebrate a solar eclipse, the festival has since grown into a behemoth. The next edition of Ozora Festival will take place from July 29 to August 4, 2019. Triplex - Superpipelined Hadra Altervision Series #13 - SMOOTH CRIMINAL Hadra Altervision Series #13 - SMOOTH CRIMINAL will be August 2-8, 2021. The next edition of O.Z.O.R.A.

Dear Ozorians, We are very sad to announce that we must postpone this year’s festival. Hungary Travel Tips: Plan ahead: Book your perfect trip with our Hungary travel guide and destination information. One of the most immersive festivals in the world, OZORA's six music stages are just the beginning of the festival experience.