INTRODUCTION TO PLANT TISSUE CULTURE: It is the process of producing plants from tissue of the desired plant in an artificialnutrient medium under controlled environment.

Short history of Plant Tissue Culture Morel 1960 Disease eradication Wimber 1963 & in vitro production of orchids 9. The National certification system for tissue culture raised plants(NCS-TCP) has been developed for the first time to provide support to Plant Tissue Culture Industry to facilitate production of quality planting material through tissue culture/ Micropropagation. herbicide resistance/tolerance. Plant tissue culture technique and its commercial application on horticultural crops.It is the best technique used all over the world to produce the replica of… Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. They recovered for the first time, virus- free Dahlia plants 8.
Single medium can not be used for the all types of plants and organs.

INTRODUCTION Tissue Culture Plant Animal Tissue Culture Tissue Culture Defination: Plant-tissue culture is in-vitro cultivation of plant cell or tissue under aseptic and controlled environment conditions, in liquid or on semisolid well defined nutrient medium for the production of primary and secondary metabolites or to regenerate plant. 42.4. Basic Technique of Plant Tissue Culture: The general procedure adopted for isolation and culture of plant tissues is depicted in Fig. The plants so grown would be exactly similar to the mother plant in all aspects. Contd. Short history of Plant Tissue Culture Toward Commercial Micropropagation 1950s Morel & Martin 1952 used Meristem-tip culture for disease elimination.

Plant protoplasts (i.e., cells devoid of cell walls) are also used in the laboratory for culture. To screen cells rather than plants for advantageous characters, e.g. Plant tissues/organs are grown in vitro on a suitable artificially prepared nutrient medium/culture medium.

MS medium is the most commonly used for plant tissue culture.

Commonly used medium are Murashige and Skoog (MS), Nitsch, Gamborg, White, etc. Plant Tissue Culture Applications The commercial production of plants used as potting, landscape, and florist subjects To conserve rare or endangered plant species. Plant tissue culture 1.