The main goal is to maintain the property’s value and make sure it generates income. NARPM ® Online Courses. Course Number: RELE-40006 Education's Property Management course will help you understand the responsibilities, functions, and skills involved in property management. With property values and owners’ liability on the rise, untrained housing providers present an increasing vulnerability for owners, management companies, residents, and the community. CE Courses for California Licensees. These online video courses are a series to help you learn how to establish and build a property management business, select clients, complete forms, review agreements, and remain compliant with Fair Housing, State, and Federal Laws, as well as Acts protecting tenants. Online Property Management Courses and Certification. This is a self-study course that explains important financial concepts in a simple, concise format using the textbook Property Management, 7th Edition by Walt Huber. Property management courses are often taken by those who wish to work in the areas of residential or commercial property management. Trustpilot. You need to act fast. As you can see by the table above, there are several disciplines that intersect when you own and manage real estate.

After reviewing each chapter of the book, go online to take the chapter review quiz. NARPM ® has always provided educational programs to empower its members and elevate the professional standards of the property management industry for all.

The Advanced Property Development - Level 4 Course teaches the student what is involved in this highly challenging business area, teaching important skills and how to undertake a successful project. After completing property management courses, there are some additional steps that you need to take. CAA strives to provide these tools to individuals at all levels of the rental housing industry and to promote property management as a viable and gratifying profession. By finishing property management courses online, you entered the world of the real estate and property management. We offer career-enhancing and renewal courses to further your path in real estate. After all requirements have been met (see below), students may apply for an official certificate. Online education provides NARPM ® members with a way to learn new skills … Once you determine that you have the ability to become a property owner, it will be helpful for you to understand what issues are involved in property management. Note: Hybrid Note: 1-2 sessions online in addition to in-class meetings. Course Description: C.A.R.