Even if you’re a seasoned gardener, you may have never heard of fan flower (Scaevola aemula). Lobelia flowers are small, abundant, and have a similar fan shape (with three downward-facing petaloids rather than the five that scaevola have. Scaevola aemula Fairy Fan Flower plants are fast growing, heat and drought tolerant, insect resistant, tender evergreen perennials from Australia that only grow 8"-12" tall but will spread up to 5 feet in areas where they are hardy.

Plants . These remarkable plants can bear the bitter cold! Continuous blooms of bluish purple. Sort By: Go. The big difference between the two is that lobelia plants like cool weather, and will die off as the summer heats up. In cold climates, plants will die off in winter but can be planted again in.

Fariy Fan Flower 'Scaevola aemula' (NW Hillsboro) Don't let winter ravage your garden ever again! These are mostly herb and shrub plants native to Australia and New Guinea.
The flowers are shaped as if they have been cut in half. Fan flower (Scaevola aemula) is an excellent summer annual to grow in hanging baskets, window boxes, containers, or as a bedding plant.Native to Australia, scaevola have become popular in the United States due to their heat and drought tolerance and pest resistance.

It is distributed along the New South Wales and Victorian coastlines where it can be found in the form of a low growing perennial herb. Find plants you love and create idea boards for all your projects. Scaevola, Fancy Short Description. Annuals. The widely known common name is Fairy Fan-flower, which pertains to the small size of the S. aemula plants.. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. Common names for Scaevola species include scaevolas, fan-flowers, half-flowers, and naupaka, the plants' Hawaiian name. Medium water needs. 3 products Scaevola, Blue Fan $4.95. Native to Australia, this gorgeous sun-lover is a relative newcomer to gardens in the U.S., but it’s catching on quickly because of its exquisite beauty and ability to bloom tirelessly even during the dog days of summer. Fan Flowers are sprawling plants with light green, coarsely toothed foliage. Easy to grow and care for requiring the minimum of attention. grid. To create an idea board, sign in or create an account. A tough native groundcover plant Scaevola aemula are often called the ‘Purple Fan Flower’ and Fairy Fan Flower. Consequently, the generic name means "left-handed" in Latin. Fairy Fan-flower. The genus is found right across Southern Australia. A great hanging basket and container ‘filler’ mingling perfectly with pinks, whites and silver. Known botanically as Scaevola aemula, fan flower is in the Goodeniaceae family. Discard after bloom, even where perennial. Glorious trailing plants for months of summer colour. Scaevola aemula – The Purple Fan Flower. The plant’s Latin name means ‘left-handed,’ referring to the one sided nature of the blooms. Scaevola aemula. Height-8-12″, Spread-8-12″. Annual lobelia plants also come in blue, white, and pink varieties. Many Hawaiian legends have been told to explain the formation of the shape of the flowers.
Summer Flowering Young Plants - for beds, borders, baskets and containers Full sun. Great plants for fall and winter color.

Scaevola aemula R.Br.. Scaevola aemula is a member of the family Goodenaceae. Drought tolerant.

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Fan Flower.

Cascade these dazzling blue, fan-shaped flowers from hanging baskets and other containers. This is a hardy easy to grow plant, excellent in containers as well as in the garden.

Scaevola Fancy Purple Plants Fan flower Scaevola aemula. Scaevola Seeds.

Trailing. Large spreading plants, constantly covered with hundreds of dainty, fan-shaped flowers. Monrovia's Purple Haze Fan Flower details and information.