It is a very simple project. Mai 2017 #2; Guten Abend. Rsync is the tool that syncs the files from your Windows / Linux computer and samba will then make the backups available on the network (in read-only mode). To create a Raspberry Pi NAS, you will first need to get the necessary equipment. | aspberry Pi NAS. Montar un NAS eficiente con Raspberry Pi. Dafür ist etwas Erfahrung mit Linux nötig. I upgraded my Raspberry Pi 2 NAS to the latest and greatest Raspberry Pi 3B+ hoping to get the network performance boost promised by an excellent iperf benchmark.Unfortunately, after the upgrade, I discovered that iperf benchmark had very little to do with the actual practical performance. First things first: shut down your Pi safely (how you do this will depend on the OS you’re running – for Raspbian, it’s just sudo shutdown now in … Zurück; Kommentar schreiben *** Hinweis *** Kommentare sind erwünscht. Ulf Heinrich sagte am 17. Gracias a ella, podemos convertir cualquier disco duro en un NAS Kann mir jemand den Befehl dazu sagen. We wanted to see if a Raspberry Pi could take the place of a NAS. Here’s how to back up your Raspberry Pi’s SD card on Windows, macOS, or Linux – and how to restore it from that backup, too. 1. For example you could access data stored on the NAS or you can use the NAS share as backup drive. Januar 2019 um 17:06: Ihr crontab würde jeden Sonntag um 01:00 ausgeführt werden, nicht täglich wie im Text darunter beschrieben. RAID is not a backup system. Insider. The first method you can use if you have a simple installation is to backup only the needed files For example, if you use your Raspberry Pi for a security camera, once you back up the configuration file, it’s ok, you don’t need more Of course, the minicomputer itself is the focal point: you can choose between the Raspberry Pi 2 and the newer Raspberry Pi 3, both of which have enough power to run the server.

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Here is a step by step guide how I automated the backups on all my Raspberry Pi's. Es muss natürlich 00 01 * * * lauten.

Mount a NAS share to Raspberry can be done because of various reasons. Posted 9 months ago.

Here's how to turn a simple board into the brains of a NAS for file sharing. Deutsches Raspberry Pi Forum. If you want a network-attached storage device but aren't ready to invest in one, make one with a spare Raspberry Pi. Turns out it did pretty well, so we decided to flip the tables. Software. By Rob Zwetsloot.

To have the Raspberry Pi as backup server we will need to install two additional packages: rsync and samba. Ich korrigiere das. Danke. The first thing you need to get is OpenMediaVault, and install it on your Raspberry Pi, tweak some settings, and plug in the external storage devices.For this project, you need the Raspberry Pi, and the usual peripherals such as a keyboard, screen, mouse, microSD card, and a computer with the SD card reader. 19 Gedanken zu „ Backup des Raspberry Pi im laufenden Betrieb “ Dominik sagte am 14. dll-live.

Automating backups on a Raspberry Pi NAS: Erstellen und Vorhalten von 7 täglichen, 4 wöchentlichen, 12 monatlichen und 5 jaehrlichen Backups. Netzwerk und Server. These features would be ideal: Backups kept on external location (USB stick, DAS, NAS, Network computer, etc) Automatisation, either incremental or via scheduling; Version numbering of backups How to Use the Raspberry Pi as a NAS box? I also tested out a Raspberry Pi as an HTPC to see how well it would fare against the various NAS'. 1.

Mai 2017; Erledigt; thoko100. Backup only the important files.