Through the TPP Real Estate Development Fund, LP 506(c) Investor Portal, an accredited individual or institutional investor can become approved as a prospect and learn more about our investment opportunity. Fundrise Opportunity Fund, LP (the “Fund”) is a recently organized Delaware limited partnership formed to originate, invest in and manage a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate properties, joint venture equity investments, and other real-estate related assets that are compelling from a risk-return perspective, particularly with The Real Estate Fund PPM has successfully been used by real estate developers, this Real Estate fund document is designed as a capital pooling fund (also hedge or private equity fund) for investing in multiple projects simultaneously using Regulation D Rule 506. This PPM Fund Template can accommodate outright purchases of property, or the purchase or origination of debt obligations on distressed property. PPM CONTENTS: ———————————————————-– Cover page – Table of … The document is designed as a ”closed-end fund” with a Corporation as the manager of the fund, however it can be customized as an open-end fund. Distressed Real Estate Fund Private Placement has language that specifically addresses investing in distressed and undervalued real estate. Approved prospects can: Access to the Private Placement Memorandum, which outlines our comapany and gives greater detail about our offering.

Our team was established in 1995 and focuses on commercial mortgage loans, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), unsecured REIT debt, and other real estate debt investments. 8 9 SECTION 1: Synopsis of Operations INTRODUCTION Redwood Real Estate Fund, LLC Redwood Real Estate Fund, LLC (the “Company” or the “Fund”) was formed for the purpose of acquiring and managing multi- family and apartment class real estate assets. The excerpt highlights many of the fund investment terms that should be considered when forming in a private equity real estate fund. This template works with almost any real estate capital pooling transaction. The Company will seek to acquire and manage high quality real estate assets with of a private equity fund private placement memorandum (PPM). The PPM is based on a fictitious closed-end real estate fund investing in multi-family residential real estate in California.