Everything seemed to go fine.

While it is annoying, you shouldn’t worry about it since there are some quick methods to fix WiFi issues on Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus. ‎07-03-2019 01:28 PM. So, if you have tried everything above but didn’t get any result, try this method. Samsung’s first 5G phone is here, and the speed the Galaxy S10 5G offers is amazing. Setup finished, all my contacts and apps transferred.

In many ways, this is the ultimate version of … On newest...Read more » Did you flash the firmware? Go to Settings, then select General management. But most people won't see the benefits until 5G networks are more widespread.

How did you bypass the April update?

Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold (the phone that unfurls into a tablet), for example, are both 5G-ready, along with models from LG, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE, and more. Then I noticed I wasn't getting text messages back. I had a Galaxy S7 Edge and just bought this S10 5G last week.

If your S10 5G internet is slow even when 5G network mode has already been selected, make sure that it’s not a network problem by checking if there’s a 5G … LG Resetting all network settings on your Samsung Galaxy S10 can fix problems related to Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth.

Found this post from google, my wifi router is … It arrived a couple of days ago.

Re: S10 Plus Sprint Connectivity Issues Solved.
Then, tap Reset to confirm. Forget Samsung's Galaxy S10, Serious Problems Mean This Is The Smartphone To Buy Gordon Kelly Senior Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. All other devices work fine but only my phone is have problem. That isn’t keeping device manufacturers and service providers from jumping onto the 5G bandwagon.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G became available in South Korea on April 5, but it has already run into a major problem associated with its key selling point – 5G connectivity. There must be a compatibility issue between my wifi router and phone. The Galaxy S10 first suffered from the Fingerprint Scanner problems, which Samsung fixed in a Biometrics Security update. This is an archive of all major developments related to the Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus / S10e smartphones. Unfortunately, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones, Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus also have this problem.

The company currently sells the Galaxy S10 5G with a Qualcomm X50 modem that supports its own 2.5GHz midband 5G and is also capable of using T-Mobile's millimeter-wave network.

As soon as I get a new phone it always asks me to update to April's update before allowing the may update. LG V50 ThinQ 5G’s is one of the first 5G phones available. My s10+ is having internet dropping issue when using wifi after updated to Android 10. At the same time, the Galaxy S10 owners reported that they were having a problem with the LTE and 4G connectivity on their phone. Here, tap Reset and choose Reset network settings.

There are many smartphones out there that, sometimes, present WiFi connection errors. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the biggest, heaviest and potentially most powerful entry in the new S10 series. JUMP TO SOLUTION. We are continuously updating this page with latest S10 (including S10e, S10+ and S10 5G) news so that you don’t need to search for information related to the device on daily basis.