Galvanizing is a well-established, economical, and durable method for protecting metals from corrosion. Three of the most-used processes for applying zinc to iron and steel are hot-dip galvanizing, electrogalvanizing, and zinc spraying. The Process of Galvanizing Steel Whereas its combination of strength and formability, as well as the abundance of iron ore, has made steel one of modern civilization’s most important raw materials, its “Achilles’ heel” is its tendency to rust. The galvanizing process naturally produces coatings that are at least as thick on the corners and edges as the coating on the rest of the article. Most products are coated using the hot-dip process. Galvanizing is a process for rustproofing iron and steel by the application of a zinc coating.

16 Operators of the higher temperature process use ceramic galvanizing baths to overcome the problem of the increased reaction rate between steel and zinc at these high temperatures. As coating damage is most likely to occur at the edges, this is where added protection is needed most. working near galvanizing shops. Galvanizing processes are not operated at temperatures between these two ranges.

The authors have attempted to dis-cuss the basic process of galvanizing only to the degree required to form an understanding of the problem of con-trolling air contaminants. The book systematically covers all steps of the hot-dip galvanization process. The book systematically covers all steps in hot-dip galvanization: surface pre-treatment, process and systems technology, environmental issues, and quality management. Various types of air pollution control equipment are discussed with respect to the prob-lem that they must alleviate. Welding Before and After Hot Dip Galvanizing Wren’s Court, 56 Victoria Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B72 1SY T: +44 (0)121 355 8838 F: +44 (0)121 355 8727 A proportion of steelwork that is hot dip galvanized is subject to fabrication by welding prior to dipping. Brush- or spray-applied coatings have a natural tendency to thin at the corners and edges.