En informatique, API est l'acronyme d'Application Programming Interface, que l'on traduit en français par interface de programmation applicative ou interface de programmation d'application.L'API peut être résumée à une solution informatique qui permet à des applications de communiquer entre elles et de s'échanger mutuellement des services ou des données. ... Interfaces for implementing the PHP/SAP API.

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Our client had given me a REST API to which I need to make a PHP call to. The road block which I faced was that the user task is created after the mail step. Now you’re ready to go out in to the world with your own PHP program that connects to SAP!

You can also write RFC server program in PHP and call PHP functions from SAP R/3. Hi all, I am trying to consume the demo Service Desk plus REST API with CL_HTTP_CLIENT in ABAP. php_sapi_name ( void) : string Returns a lowercase string that describes the type of interface (the Server API, SAPI) that PHP is using. With SAPRFC is possible call ABAP function modules in SAP R/3 from PHP scripts. SAP Ariba recommends a five-part strategy to effectively and efficiently respond to global supply chain disruption, with special offers, software, and services for supplier discovery, supplier risk management, and supply chain collaboration. The PHP API supports the following functions: sasql_affected_rows Returns the number of rows affected by the last SQL statement. I got help document from Service Desk plus to consuming
An application programming interface (API) defines the way software and programs interact. The intention of this tutorial is to show how easy it is to consume SAP web services via PHP and should give everyone, who's interested in developing applications combining scripting languages and web services, a quick and easy start.. At the end of this tutorial you will have a PHP Application with which you can find a customer by his name and get detailed information about him. For SELECT statements, use the sasql_num_rows function. SAPRFC is a extension module for PHP 4 and PHP 5. We’ll create a new php file ‘public/clients.php’ with a very simple flow: it will retrieve the Okta details (issuer, scope, client id and secret) from the .env file, then it will obtain an access token from Okta and it will run API calls to get all users and get a specific user (passing the Okta access token in the Authorization header).

It combines an easy-to-use API with unprecedented flexibility and performance. It is assumed that a properly configured environment (i.e.

The SAP JCo supports both communication directions: inbound Remote Function Calls (Java calls ABAP) as well as outbound Remote Function Calls (ABAP … 0 Likes 11,477 Views 1 Comment . The problem with APIs is that they can be a bit tricky. Demo Service Desk plus trail version and installed in my local PC. In this article, I’ll show you how to build a simple REST API in PHP from scratch. Une API REST est : Sans état. so practically it will be impossible to find the task instance id.