These meat pies are a popular with the Australian, New Zealand, South African, British, and Irish expats in the San Francisco Bay Area A delectable savory pie is a popular main dish choice for both lunch and dinner. Made with our mouthwatering pastry (a secret recipe! SUNDAY ROAST CHICKEN DINNER The whole dinner a pie- we roast chicken, skin and all with lots of root veg- onions, carrots and potatoes with fresh rosemary and thyme topped with gravy and there you have it- the whole roast dinner in a pie! Here's a variation of a meat pie that includes a little kick of chili sauce, lightened by the substitution of ground turkey breast for the ground beef...From the 1999 Annual Taste Of Home cookbook, placed here for safekeeping!...Serve with steamed vegetables for a complete meal! Traditionally a hand-sized pastry filled with minced meat and gravy, today’s Aussie pie comes in a whole continent’s worth of savory combinations. SAVORY PIES Our meat pies are famous in Savannah. I love savory meat pies (must be my partly Canadian heritage) and I love the annual Taste of Home cookbooks! ), rich fillings with plenty of top quality meat & veggies, and hearty gravy. From food trucks to lunch counters to sporting events, the meat pie has been a hands-down favorite in Australia since the 1800s. Filled with a variety of ingredients and flavors, such as chicken, sausage, squash, carrots, peas, beef, salmon, bacon, mushrooms, eggs, turkey, and sweet potatoes, these pies are a one-dish meal you can easily create to satisfy most palates. $10.75 MEAT PIES. Individual savory hand pies made in small batches with the freshest organic ingredients delivered to frozen your door.