Movie Talk - The scary bunny movie - So I've been trying to remember this movie that I saw a while ago. Why Are There So Many Bunnies in Scary Movies?

... All that to say, get your early Easter celebration on by checking out our Top 10 Creepy Movie Bunny Rabbits! Easter is a bizarre holiday.

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Directed by William F. Claxton.

As later films in this list will show, rabbits really can be scary. AITH takes a look at 10 memorably scary bunny rabbits just in time for Easter!

With Cheryl Texiera, Matthew Albrecht, Alaina Gianci, Veronica Wylie.

But there are no scary Easter movies, you say. 2.

Sure, you could get outside more, but seriously, why not just do what you always do and stay inside to watch a movie? Horror movies are intended to frighten and thrill audiences, using a number of different techniques.

Giant mutant rabbits terrorize the south-west. Top 10 Horror Films to Watch on Easter Gwen My most awe inspiring encounters with nefarious rabbits include the first time I laid eyes on the massive black costume of “Bunny” while at a rave with Rabbit in the Moon and the first time that my innocent anticipating eyes consumed the film Watership Down (1978). A must see for connoisseurs of bad movies. Stamp. Painting and hiding eggs.... and handing your children over to strange adults poorly dressed as humanoid rabbits.

It was a pretty good movie and it had this really scary bunny in it. I need to warn you. We beg to differ. Killer …

The dead returning to life. A couple of dimwitted teens get chased by a killer dressed in a bunny suit. Many different themes can be found in these movies including monsters, the paranormal, serial killers, and the occult.

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But the second she leaves for work, a torrent of abuse rains upon the gentle boy.

With Timothy Muskatell, Ricardo Gray, Charlotte Marie, David Z.

Directed by Carl Lindbergh. If you don't enjoy cringing,

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I know that it sounds a little crazy but the bunny was actually kinda scary.

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From gory slasher films to disturbing psychological thrillers, horror movies play on fears and edge-of-your-seat drama. Directed by Chad Ferrin. However, opening the hutch and filming a bunch of nibbly cottontails hopping around a miniature town set with ketchup on their fur just doesn’t cut it.

Here are 25 that have kept you up at night.

With Stuart Whitman, Janet Leigh, Rory Calhoun, DeForest Kelley. Barely Legal: 30 Nearly Pornographic Mainstream Films Full-frontal nudity, steamy threesomes, one-for-the-money shots — these movies pushed the envelope and still played multiplexes

... Zora played by Shahadi Wright Joseph wears a shirt with a bunny on it in an early ... adorable but they terrify me at the same time.
Remington, a murderous grifter cons his way into a mother's heart, putting on a fatherly facade to her cherished son, Nicholas.

I don't want to go to …

Easter-approriate movies are out there beyond The Greatest Story Ever Told and Easter Parade, you need only look as far as the 10 scary rabbits and evil bunnies below. The 25 Scariest Masks In Movies Masks are making a comeback in horror films like You're Next and The Purge, and with good reason — they're terrifying.