Look out for: the heart shaped leaves which have rusty red hairs where the leaf stalk attaches to the twig. The ‘Lime’ or ‘Linden’ make up a genus of handsome, stately, deciduous trees suited to a large garden or parkland. Common Name: Small-leaved Lime Tree, Linden, Basswood .

Each available to buy in a choice of sizes. Tree Name – Small Leaved Lime/Tilia Cordata. Identified in winter by: the twigs, which look red on top and more olive green underneath. American Basswood (Tilia Americana) and Japanese Lime (Tilia japonica) are rarely found in the UK but are otherwise similarly used. • Tilia cordata or small leaved lime: A small-leaved Lime which produces fragrant white flowers in mid-summer and is a good tree for … In the south of its range it is restricted to high elevations. Tiny, fragrant flowers late spring. Tilia Cordata/Small Leaved Lime Trees For Sale. Lime trees form an important part of the tree population of the British Isles, both as a specimen tree and as an avenue tree to create formality. The Small Leaved Lime Tree is a traditional English tree with translucent fresh green leaves which captures the essence of summer and bears small deliciously scented white … Genus & Species: Tilia cordata Mill. Tilia or lime trees are the ideal tree to create a classic avenue and we have several species that will be suitable: • Tilia platyphyllos or broad large leaved lime: A stately, large leaved Lime tree with luscious foliage, which gives the tree a healthy appearance all year round.

T. platyphyllos (left) and T. cordata leaf comparison. Lime wood is soft and resistant to splitting and mostly used for carving. Family Malvaceae . Buy Tillia trees online direct from the nursery for secure and fast delivery throughout the UK. Tilia cordata is a … Moreover, almost all parts of the tree can be used for products such as fodder, ropes or firewood.

Tilia cordata (small-leaved lime, occasionally littleleaf linden or small-leaved linden) is a species of Tilia native to much of Europe. Tilia - Lime Trees; Tilia - Lime Trees. Range and … Small leaved lime has striking crimson buds in winter. There is the Large leaved Lime, Tilia Platyphyllos, but the one we regularly see in the British landscape, Common Lime, Tilia Vulgaris, is a hybrid of the other two. N owadays the small leaved lime (Tilia cordata) is a relatively rare tree in the U.K. but after the last ice age, it was common.Pollen analysis of sediments suggests that small leaved limes were a major component of southern lowland woodlands in the British Isles. Branches grow downwards, the leaves are dark green and shiny. Description – Medium-sized deciduous tree with dark green, glossy broadly ovate or heart shaped leaves up to 8cms in length. Small-leaved and Broad-leaved Lime trees (Tilia cordata/platyphyllos). The tree likes Sun to half-shade at the location and the soil should be sandy - loamy to loamy. Small Leaved Lime Botanical Description: There are 3 native lime trees.

The Small Leaved … Heart shaped leaves appear in spring and persist until late into autumn. Tilia Cordata is the small leaved lime. The leaves are cordate and the flowers are yellow. Tilia - … Tree bumblebee on the small-leaved lime. July sees the scented greenish/yellow flowers form. The Tree is a deciduous tree, it will be 10 - 30 m (33 - 99 ft) high. Genus Tilia are deciduous trees with broadly ovate or heart-shaped leaves and pendulous clusters of fragrant yellow-green flowers, followed by conspicuous winged fruits . Colour Description – Green with creamy … The small leaved form is now … It is found from Britain through mainland Europe to the Caucasus and western Asia. Description. Other common names small-leaved lime little-leaf linden . T here are three native types of lime in Britain:. They will thrive in all types of soil and situations. Small, highly fragrant ivory coloured flowers are borne in July and are a favourite of bees. Tree Family – Malvaceae. Ideal for avenues or as a single specimen the small leaved lime tree will grow well in … Its fruit unlike that of other limes is not ribbed or hairy. The Small Leaved Lime is botanically called Tilia cordata.