Age: 2-5 years Bike weight: 2.45kg Awards: MadeforMums Toy Awards 2019 Best Balance Bike – Gold What it is: An ultra-lightweight balance bike with front suspension, the option of an extra stability wheel, a front mud guard and an adjustable seat and handlebar.

With no pedals, a balance bike lets kids focus on balance over movement. The max weight it can carry is 20kg. Healthy Living 20,997 views.
Balance Bikes Balance away all day long ! 1. Also known as toddler bikes, these bikes are specially designed to teach your little one the art of balancing before they learn to pedal and brake. This fun balance toy helps little ones learn to balance before they move on to a traditional pedal bike. 5:32. Best Balance Bike Reviews For Toddlers 2 To 3 Years Old In 2017 - Duration: 5:32.


I tested the transition from balance bike to pedal bike... - … BMXIE-RS probably the coolest balance bike in the world Discover; BMXIE² probably the coolest balance bike in the world, now with integrated footrest & footbrake Discover; CHARLIE 10″ balance bike with carry handle Discover; FIXIE Fixed-gear styled balance bike with integrated footrest & footbrake Discover
Micro 2in1 Balance Bike, £109.95 – b est for versatility.

Find your balance with the Team Sports Balance Bike. Learn more about our range below. Ideal for children first finding their feet, balance bikes are the most effective way to prepare your child for cycling without stabilisers when they’re older.