Presentation by Dr. Vasant G. Havanagi INTRODUCTION Pavement failures due to settlement of embankment fill and subgrade Need for suitable fill materials and proper quality control during execution Adoption of MORTH specifications. Therefore it is required to perform some field test prior to use soil in road work.

The Construction Materials Testing: Soil - Level II credential has the following recertification information: Construction Materials Testing: Soil - Level II certification is valid for 3 years.

The tests on soil are as follows. It is expressed as percentage of water in soil to its dry mass. For instance, a road soil that is 95 percent sand will not cohere, and clay that does not possess the property of cohesion is useless as a road material and will do nothing but make dust. Common test are: Soil classification, particle… Monday 18th May 2020 . Following are the various types of soil tests for pavement construction: In-situ Moisture Content. In this article, the basic tests required for the construction of roads and highways are briefly mentioned. Types of soil in India Alluvial soils Fine sands Coastal soils BC soils Red gravelly soils Certification holder should keep a record of their professional development activities (using the free CPD log provided by NICET), both for their own career development uses and for NICET recertification. In fact, no construction project can proceed without first making sure the soil can support the load. EARTHWORK FOR ROAD EMBANKMENTS. Types of Soil Tests for Road Construction. Various tests on soil are conducted to decide the quality of soil for building construction. Here we will discuss about the importance of various soil tests for building construction. Thus, the purpose of soil testing for construction is to determine the suitability of the soil for the type of construction to be done.
The test for determining the moisture content of the soil is vital for assessing the natural existing state of the soil. Soil Testing For Construction. Soil Testing Required for Road Construction Generally, when it come to construction on soils, tests should be performed to understand the nature of soil that the building is going to be constructed on. Moisture Content of soil is the amount of water it contains and is expressed as the percentage of dry mass.

Some tests are conducted in laboratory and some are in the field.
Soil Tests for Road Construction. Types of Soil Tests for Building Construction. Soil testing is a very important part of building and road construction. Moisture Content Test.