Reading a post about paint can be a lot like, well, watching paint dry. Scale Auto is the leading authority for car modelers. X-20A Tamiya 46ml Acrylic Paint Thinner Tamiya X-20A acrylic thinner is the perfect choice to thin Tamiya acrylic paint when spraying through an airbrush or cleaning bristle brushes.
Enamel . Paint Thinner.

After paint has dried, cut off parts and paint over the remaining cutting area. I thin my Tamiya smoke fairly thin to use as a wash on all WWII large scale airplanes - it works really well with about a 50/50 mix of paint to thinner which is itself about a 50/50 mix of iso and distilled water - remember I'm going for a wash here - and I dont't want it to dry too soon - plus I WANT some pooling of dark in the creases and seams - I buy the Tamiya specialty acrylic thinner for Tamiya acrylics (on the very rare occasion I use acrylics) and buy the specialty thinner for the model master lacquer clears, but when it comes to standard enamel paints (again here I use Model Master) I … ... X-20 Enamel Thinner Tamiya Paints 80020 10ml + Stash. Scale Model Basics: Acrylic vs Enamel Paint. Each bottle contains 10ml of paint, and when spray painting enamels, best results are achieved by adding 2 parts of thinner to 10 parts of paint.

- Acrylic paint "Mini": Acrylic paint contained in a handy small sized bottle. The formula within the thinner gives Tamiya enamel paints the right consistency to blend colors without fading or spotting.

Hi Guys.. Just trying to spray up one of my trucks in an Eddie Stobart stylee.. Now I would have been happy to buy spray cans, but Pauls got a gun, so I thought id give it a go.. Which Thinner? Tamiya Paint: - Acrylic paint: Water soluble acrylic paint. Reference database, color charts and stash management for all the colors from Tamiya Paints ... by Tamiya: Enamel Enamel (10ml) Gloss.

I've had really great results using alcohol as an acrylic thinner for paints from Tamiya, Gunze Sangyo (Aqueous/Mr.Hobby), Vallejo, Italeri, and Akan (don't try this with Testors Acryl, it took some time to clean the resulting goo from my airbrush). This bottle is 250ml in size.

viper21 - I use Model Master enamels a lot - or at least used to. Great how-to content and kit reviews help builders of all skill levels to improve their 1/16, 1/24, 1/25, and small-scale models. Each contains 100ml of paint, which is enough to fully cover 2 or 3, 1/24 scale sized car bodies.

I really wish I hadnt now.. But as that’s actually a big part of the scale model experience, we’re hoping you’ll bear with us.