We’ve rounded up 20 tasty vegetarian wrap recipes, from traditional tortilla wraps to lighter options made with lettuce and collards. Carlota Cassou‘s Healthy and Delicious Black Bean Wraps are so bright, colorful, and chock full of delicious veggies and corn to keep you full and satisfied! I have divided the healthy recipes into categories to make it easy for you to find what fits your preference. We've got great vegetarian sandwiches that you'll look forward to for every meal, including fresh and healthy hummus and vegetables on whole grain bread, gooey grilled cheese, veggie burgers, breakfast burritos, and much more in between. The following recipes are healthy, delicious, jam-packed with fresh ingredients that are better for your body and your budget. You’ll love these unique options that taste great. Looking for a quick, convenient, healthy lunch idea? Wraps are a great option for meals. Healthy Wraps For Lunch. 4. Healthy wraps for lunch are perfect for work, or at home. They are so versatile, quick, easy, and healthy.Here are the top 20 easy healthy wrap recipes.These wraps are loaded with lean protein and tons of veggies to give you a satisfying and nutritious lunch. Wraps tend to be big meals, so you’ll generally want to use a large tortilla (at least 12” in diameter) or lavash to make your wrap. When you’re eating your lunch or dinner in wrap form, there’s no need for utensils–although a napkin might come in handy. That said, vegan wraps are one of the most common restaurant offerings. And when you make your own wraps, they can be vegan every time since you’re in charge of what goes into them.