Batman investigates the sudden appearance of "The Judge," a faceless vigilante who battles Gotham City's supervillains with lethal force. Report. 2 years ago | 75 views. With Kevin Conroy, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Richard Moll, Malachi Throne. Directed by Curt Geda. amandarhys9065. Directed by Curt Geda. Directed by Butch Lukic. That's almost half the series! Harley Quinn tries to impress her love while the origin of her career as The Joker's sidekick is revealed. The New Batman Adventures Episode 24 - Judgment Day. With Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, George Dzundza, Mel Winkler. With Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Arleen Sorkin, Bob Hastings. And just like "Batman: The Animated Series", this list wasn't easy to make, (in the end, the Number 1 spot was decided via coin toss). 21:01. Playing next. Compared to the series that came before it, "The New Batman Adventures" had a lot more good episodes than bad, and out of 24 episodes, 10 of them got the highest possible rating. Arnold Wesker, The Ventriloquist, is released from Arkham Asylum, deemed a healthy man - only to discover that his alternate personality Scarface may still be struggling to return. Browse more videos.

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