Park Eun-Young - Court Lady (ceremony). Additional Cast Members: Kim Jae-Hwa - Court Lady. Kim Hye-Hwa - Madam Lee. [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Royal Tailor" 2015/01/03 Dol-seok (played by Han Suk-kyu) makes fancy clothes for royalty, having risen up in the proper way, through official connections. Park Ran - nobleman's woman 1. Story of a rivalry between two tailors Dol-Seok, who is the best master artisan in charge of royal attire and Kong-Jin - genius like designer, born with dexterity and an excellent sense, plunges the court into scandal and tragedy. Lee Ji-Hae - Court Lady (Soui). Depicts the love lives, jealousies and desires of those that work within the Sanguiwon during the Joseon Dynasty period. Han Ji-Eun - gisaeng. Up-and-coming talent Gong-jin (played by Go Soo) is more crude, using clever advertising schemes to showcase the popularity of his product. Find movie and film cast and crew information for The Royal Tailor - Lee Won-Suk on AllMovie Choi Hee-Jin - Madam Park. Woo Do-Im - … With Suk-kyu Han, Soo Go, Shin-Hye Park, Yeon-Seok Yoo. Directed by Wonsuk Lee. Jin A-Reum - twin single woman.