We support all common thermal spray methods, with options to suit your surfacing and all other applications requirements – such as the size of your run, scale of your part, environmental concerns, and portability needs. Thermal metal spraying is widely recognised as one of the most superior coatings available for providing corrosion resistance together with extremely long service life and life cycle costing. There are a whole host of metal spraying techniques including flame spraying, wire arc spraying, plasma spray, detonation spraying, high velocity oxy-fuel coating (HVOF), warm spraying, cold spraying, and high velocity air fuel. The metallic material can be heated either electrically (plasma or arc) or by chemical means (combustion flame). Arc spraying is generally the most economical thermal spray method for applying corrosion resistant metal coatings, including zinc, aluminum, and their alloys as described in CEGS-09971. Energy costs are lower and production rates are higher than they are with competing methods such as wire flame spray. We provide complete metal spraying, thermal spray coatings, fluoropolymer coating and finishing services to a diverse range of industries.

Metalock Engineering is a leading specialist in Thermal Spraying and applying Surface Treatments to metal components.

Thermal spraying is a technology which improves or restores the surface of a solid material.

Thermal Spraying Processes Thermal spraying is a cost-effective method for enhancing surface properties.

Metal spraying also know as Thermal Spraying involves covering a diverse range of surfaces with a metallic coating using a spray of molten particles.

Thermal metal spraying is a term used to describe a technique in which melted (or heated) metallic materials are sprayed onto a surface.

Metal Spraying & Thermal Spray Coating Specialists Alphatek Hyperformance Coatings is a leading independent metal spraying and thermal spray coatings specialist.

Thermal Metal Spraying In Situ. Twin wire thermal arc spraying involves the melting of 2 wires and propelling the molten or plasticized metal particles toward an abrasive blasted substrate. Cormac Metal Spray has been actively involved for 16 years in the application and development of thermal arc spray (metal spray) throughout Australasia for use in the prevention of corrosion to steel and steel in concrete utilising the application of metals such as zinc, aluminium, zinc aluminium alloys and Nickel, Stainless Steel, Hastalloys, Monel and Bronze.