A milk allergy is caused by an allergic reaction to a protein in milk—symptoms may be similar though more severe. Hair loss (alopecia areata). 1. Sore eyes. What Are The Side Effects Of Thyme? May Cause Asthma. Early … Studies show that thyme can activate the TRPA 1 channel 1 in the human system, which can trigger migraine ... 2. highly allergic to thyme, the allergy is actually to the oil in the plant and the severity of the reaction can increase each time the person is exposed to thyme oil. Can Lead To Skin Allergies. Symptoms of Food Allergy -- thyme Runny nose. The authors proposed that an IgE mechanism may be questionable in eczema related to Thyme dust, that the aetiology of Thyme-related skin symptoms was obscure, and that an irritant mechanism seems probable (5). Itchy eyes. Can Cause Headaches. Red eyes. 3. Insufficient Evidence for. Shutterstock.

more symptoms...». Symptoms include nausea, cramps, or diarrhea. Thyme-specific IgE was found in 1 person with work-related symptoms, but also in 2 asymptomatic farmers. Watery eyes. Agitation. Labels