In 1978, Grace Mandarin Service was started. Sharonville, Ohio 45241 (513) 563-6648 (513) 563-6648 Grace Bible Presbyterian Church. 12060 Route 42 (Lebanon Rd.)

Sharonville, Ohio 45241 (513) 563-6648 (513) 563-6648 12060 Route 42 (Lebanon Rd.) WELCOME TO GRACE BIBLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Please join us for our traditional worship services where sermons are preached from the Bible and songs sung from the hymn book. The Mission of Grace Bible-Presbyterian church is to fulfil the Great Commission which our Lord Jesus Christ gave to His people shortly before He was received back into heaven: “All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth. For over 40 years, she is a beacon dedicated to serving our Lord Jesus Christ, the saints in Christ and bringing those who do not … Grace Bible Church. 11306 Inwood Rd Dallas, TX 75229 214-368-0779 Formerly a hotel, the site is a church today because of a sister who gave it for God’s work. Grace Bible Presbyterian Church.