Below is an alphabetic listing of homeopathic remedies and a brief summary of how each might be ... disconnected, anguished, terrified, and even sometimes ecstatic. Out of some 130 “verum”-fed volunteers of pilot study, 96 continued to take the remedy till 6 months, 65 till 1 year and 15 among them continued till 2 years. Magnesia Iodata $ 6.95 – $ 32.95. By the time a homeopathic remedy has been formulated, there will be few molecules of the original substance remaining. For homeopathic products sold in pellet or tablet form, the remedy is based on lactose and/or sucrose and then combined with the homeopathic solution. Contact Us. Ozæna. Polypi. Cream. Homeopathic Remedy for ADHD #1: Coffea Cruda. Suitable after too much medicine has been taken. Select ... has been sourced from multiple authors and does not necessarily constitute the opinion of Angel’s Homeopathic Dispensary.

Marum verum (teucrium marum verum) homeopathy medicine available online in ... Melilotus Alba Homeopathic Remedy $ 6.95 – $ 32.95. A remedy of first importance in chronic nasal catarrh with atrophy; large, offensive crusts and clinkers. The remedy may be helpful for relieving sharp pains in the lungs, hemorrhaging in the capillaries and coughing with thick phlegm. TEUCRIUM MARUM VERUM Cat-thyme (TEUCRIUM MARUM) Nasal and rectal symptoms marked. Made from unroasted coffee beans, the homeopathic remedy coffea cruda claims to have the exact opposite effect as a cup of joe: it unwinds the mind instead of revving it up, and is most often used to combat sleeplessness and racing thoughts in children and adults with ADHD. In continuation of our short-term pilot studies reported earlier, results on certain toxicity biomarkers in volunteers who continued to take the potentized Arsenicum album 200C till 2 years are presented. Choose a 15 minute acute consult to find a suitable homeopathic remedy for an acute (new) symptom. 5% Mother tincture in Aqueous Cream containing: Almond oil, Purified Water, Emulsifying Wax and Borax Non Scented Suitable as an all round skin cream. Choose a full (90 minute) consultation for long term healing. Loss of sense of smell.

Select options. In a double blind placebo-controlled study, a potentized remedy of homeopathic Arsenicum Album-30 and its placebo (Succussed Alcohol-30) were given randomly to volunteers. Desire to stretch. This remedy is indicated for those who feel spacy, confused ... (CGI). Homeopathic remedy finder. Oversensitiveness. Head.– Arsenic contents in urine and blood and several widely accepted toxicity biomarkers and pathological parameters in blood were analyzed before and after 2 months of administration of either verum or placebo. Affections of children.