White Spruce seedlings, approx 9-15″ tall. Weeping White Spruce has bluish-green foliage which emerges light green in spring. Stiff down hanging branches covered with light gray-green needles.

Their weeping habit keeps branch breakage from heavy snows to a minimum! The dormancy within the seed is short and easily broken and reasonable success can be expected even when seeds are sown without any form of pre-treatment. Picea glauca Pendula: Weeping White Spruce Deer Resistant Weeping Norway Spruce stands above the rest with a tall, narrow yet graceful profile that is truely a one-of-a-kind gem. White Spruce are excellent for use as windbreaks and privacy screens due to their generally thick foliage combined with fast growth, an uncommon characteristic among evergreen trees. Height: 10-12" Spread: 2-3' Space: 3-4' Growth Rate: Medium slow. Makes a superb accent specimen, or plant in groups as a windbreak or screen. Also called Scotch elm ... the standard species, which can be 30 to 40 feet tall. Adds a graceful, weeping effect to the landscape.

It is propagated through grafting, so you will get a regular white mulberry without the weeping habit if you plant the seeds. Category: Upright. The Pendula variety of the white spruce was a perfect example to introduce to home gardeners, and helped get them excited about the many benefits such a tree can bring to an unimpressive space. A lot of seeds get blown around the yard when this tree fruits, so expect some cleaning up. Picea glauca Pendula: Weeping White Spruce Zone: 2 to 6 Height: to feet Spread: to feet. White Spruce (picea glauca) White Spruce seeds are relatively easy to germinate and grow. Genus Picea are evergreen trees with rigid, needle-like leaves arranged singly all round the shoots, and narrow, leathery-scaled cones borne near the ends of the shoots . Weeping White Spruce. Picea glauca ‘Pendula’ Distinctive narrow cone shape. They are relatively easy to grow and very adaptable and hardy in western gardens, and provide species diversification in our urban forests. Their mature size of 20-30′ tall and 4-6′ wide accommodates landscapes, yards and sites where a standard spruce would be too large. Tremendous vertical accent plant. Family Pinaceae . Weeping White Spruce at a Glance. Other common names weeping Serbian spruce . One of the most hardy specimen evergreens you will ever grow. Picea glauca 'Pendula' is a graceful, narrow-upright selection of White spruce with a strong central leader and steely Blue foliage on stiff, strictly pendulous branches that cascade down the trunk and flare out slightly at the tips. Evergreen elegance: weeping white spruce. An outstanding weeping selection and a notable example of an old clone.