St. Augustine (near Jacksonville) For a true ocean-to-ocean distance, you should calculate the distance between specific points of interest or addresses that are as near the shore as possible. Will you be leaving from Oregon, heading to southern Florida? what is the distance in miles from the Atlantic coast to the pacific coast of the united states?
It would take you about a week or so to get there at 60 miles an hour. Are you planning to go from southern California to the northeasternmost point of the U.S.?

See? We did it in the span of two days. It's a very vague question and, as such, virtually impossible to answer. At its shortest (southern Cal to Georgia) it could be as little as 2,400 miles. On average it's probably around 3,000 miles. Surprisingly, this is a very complex question! You may choose any two coast cities (obviously, one on the Atlantic Ocean and the other on the Pacific Ocean) you wish (Jacksonville, Florida to San Diego, California is the most popular)… Your ride needs to be completely documented and cross the United States from coast to coast in 50 hours or less.
2,092 miles is the shortest distance from the East Coast to the West Coast. Are you driving straight across from the mid-line of the Pacific coast to the mid-line of the Atlantic coast? On the other hand, the most direct route is only 2,671 miles. 0 0 0

roughly a little more than 3,000 miles depending on where in the atlantic coast and where in the pacific coast your going from Source(s): I am the smartest man alive. I actually drove this shortest route for fun many years ago. For example, if we're not counting the Gulf of Mexico, one candidate might be 1 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville FL to 2100 Spray St., San Diego CA — 2350 miles. The distance varies based on what route you take. It totally depends where you start and end. For example, if you take Route 50 throughout the United States, the distance between the coasts is about 3,200 miles. At its longest (southern florida to Washington state) it could be 3,400 miles.