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Universal indicator is a mixture of many indicators which gives diferent colours at different pH values of entire scale. Universal indicator is a mixture of methyl red, α naphtholphthalein, thymolphthalein, phenolphthalein and bromothymol blue.

at pH =4, … To measure the strength of an acid or a base solution we use universal indicators.

Olfactory Indicators. It shows the pH value, the nature and as well as the colour on the pH of the particular solution. Universal Indicator.

•Indicator is the substance which indicates that a solution is acidic or basic in nature. However, the colors are specific to the formulation. pH scale is from 0-14.

The most common universal indicator colors are: Red 0 ≥ pH ≥ 3Yellow 3 ≥ pH ≥ 6Green pH = 7Blue 8 ≥ pH ≥ 11Purple 11 ≥ pH ≥ 14. Here are some results of solutions tested with universal indicator paper : askedAug 10, 2019in Class X Scienceby priya12(-12,637points) acids bases and salts.


For Ex:Onion and Vanilla extract. 0votes.

A commercial preparation comes with a color chart that explains the expected colors and pH ranges.

The common indicator cannot tell us the relative strength (strong or weak) of an acid or a base. Universal indicator is the combination of many indicators, such as water, propanol, phelophthalein, sodium salt, sodium hydroxide, methyl red, bromothymol blue monosodium salt, and thymol blue monosodium salt. 1answer. •Universal indicator is the mixture of all the indicators. askedAug 10, 2019in Class X Scienceby priya12(-12,637points) acids bases and salts. Those substances whose smell or odour changes in acidic or basic solution are called olfactory indicators.

Universal indicator gives different colours at different pH.

The pH range of universal indicator is 4 to 11.for e.g.